Our Red Bull and Association Ephemera

We love our Red Bull stuff! Whether its a dusty old history book, a shiny unit insignia or a hand penned letter from the battlefront, our collections open a window into our proud history.

The association has gathered a few items from across the interenet and arranged them in covenient catagories for our further enjoyment and discussion. Please comment on posted items. If you would like to add your items send us a link and we will add it or send us your email and we will give you access to post items yourself. Enjoy!


Red Bull Stores

- 34th Infantry Division Gift Shop (Rosemount, MN)- Facebook

- 34th Infantry Division Association Gift Shop (Gold Star Military Museum) - Facebook

- Minnesota Military Museum Gift Shop (Camp Ripley) - Website

- OrderTeamGear.com - Website

Red Bull Museums

The 34th Infantry Division is featured prominantly in many museums and libraries across the country. Here are a few.

- Iowa Gold Star Military Museum- Website, Facebook

- Minnesota Military Museum- Website, Facebook

- National Guard Memorial Museum- Website, Facebook

Send other suggestions to 34infdivassoc@gmail.com.


Special Features

Association Store

Association Store

The official association store operates out of the Iowa Gold Star Military Museum.
Purchase items on our Facebook.

Division Store

division Store

The 34th Infantry Division store operates out of the Rosemount, Minnesota Armory.
Purchase items on their Facebook.

Minnesota Military Museum

Minnesota Military
Museum Store

Purchase items in person at the Minnesota Military Museum gift shop on Camp Ripley Minnesota.

Division Centennial

Roaring Bull

The 34th Infantry Division in the Global War on Terror, by Brian Leehan.

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