Commander's Own Chapter

The Commander's Own Chapter dedicated a 34th Infantry Division monument at the Ft. Snelling National Cemetery in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on May 6, 2023. Speakers included Chapter President COL (R) Chad Sackett as Master of Ceremonies, 34th Division Commander MG Charles Kemper, former 34th Division Command Sergeant Major CSM (R) Doug Julin, Chapter representative BG Bvt (R) Don Kerr, Cemetery Deputy Director Marshall Murphy and 34th Division Chaplain LTC Jeremy Pederson. The monument is located next to Iwo Jima flag raiser Charles W Lindberg's grave on the Avenue of Flags.
(l-r) MG Charles Kemper, CSM (R) Doug Julin, WWII Red Bull veteran Mr. Don Halverson, and BG BVT (R) Don Kerr.

Mission Statement

We preserve the history by meeting once per quarter and capturing the presentations of past and present 34th ID Soldiers.  These presentations are recorded and submitted to the Camp Ripley-based Minnesota Military Museum and the Iowa Gold Star Military Museum and posted to Youtube and Facebook.

Chapter Leadership

President: COL(R) Chad Sackett
1st Vice: LTC Colin Fleming
2nd Vice: LTC Steven Hall
Secretary: MAJ Aaron Oelschlager
Treasurer: LTC Mark Gile
Past President: COL(R) Matt Vatter

The Commander's Own Chapter is collocated with the 34th Infantry Division headquarters on Arden Hills Army Training Site (AHATS) in Arden Hills, Minnesota. Quarterly meetings are held at the Division Headquarters Armory or a local service organization. Meetings are posted on the 34IDA Commander’s Own chapter Facebook page.

Commander's Own Chapter
34th Infantry Division Association
4800 Hamline Avenue North
Arden Hills, MN 55112

Why a 34th Infantry Division Association chapter in Minnesota?

a. Because the history of the division didn't end in Italy 1945.

b. Since 1990 when the division was reactivated we've seen the Red Bull patch move in and out of a number of states, but Iowa and Minnesota continue to carry the history and legacy of the division. We need to do our part to ensure the history and legacy of the Red Bulls is not lost.

c. Since 9/11, our Red Bull history has continued to grow. GWOT, SFOR, KFOR, OEF, OIF, Operation Jump Start, Ice Eagle, Operation New Dawn are the names of operations and campaigns Red Bull Soldiers have deployed to and served in.

d. The Commander's Own Chapter was established by the Soldiers of the 34th Division headquarters in Minnesota in order to continue to preserve the history and sacrifices of Red Bull Soldiers. The chapter fosters camaraderie and esprit-de-corps amongst Red Bull Soldiers, past and present, by sharing the pride of the division legacy. Membership in the chapter perpetuates and supports the history, legacy and units of the 34th Infantry Division to ensure proper recognition and commemoration.

Chapter Dues

-Must be a member of the national 34ID Association. Enroll here.
-Chapter dues are paid via PayPal or by sending a check to the Chapter Treasurer.
-Chapter Life Membership $100.
-Chapter Annual Membership $20.
-Membership period is September 1 thru August 31 each year.




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