Our Board

Swearing in of the officers and trustees who were present for the 34th Infantry Division Reunion, Oct. 11-12, 2013. The Stoney Creek Inn hosted many of the meetings and celebrations.
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Our Board

All officers, trustees and committee members serve as unpaid volunteers. Association members are encouraged to serve in any capacity. If you are interested, please contact the association secretary.


President: 1SG (Ret) Nick Jedlicka, nicholas.jedlicka@gmail.com
1st Vice-President: COL (Ret) Wayne Hayes, wayne.hayes@live.com
2nd Vice-President: Chap. (MAJ) Skip Manus, stanley.w.manus.mil@mail.mil
Sergeant-at-Arms: SFC (Ret) Eugene Leifeld, eleifeld@outlook.com 
Secretary: COL (Ret) Russ Bierl, bierlhome@msn.com
Treasurer: COL (Ret) Mark Newhall, mark.d.newhall@gmail.com
Historian: MSG Daniel Ewer, JustCallMeSarge@gmail.com, Linkedin
Chaplain: 1LT Nathan Perry, nate.eli.perry@gmail.com

Additional Volunteers

Information Officer: Wayne Merick
Historian Emeritus: Pat Skelly
Website Manager: MSG Daniel Ewer, JustCallMeSarge@gmail.com
Facebook Manager: CW5 (Ret) Don Poggensee, pogjack@gmail.com


1-Year Trustees:
CW5 (Ret) Don Poggensee, pogjack@gmail.com
LTC Tim Sulzner, timothy.j.sulzner.mil@mail.mil
BG (Ret) Paul Wieck, pkwieck@netins.net
1SG (Ret) Larry Woodworth, woodworth1966@aol.com

2-Year Trustees:
MSG Daniel Ewer, JustCallMeSarge@gmail.com
MAJ Randall Stanford, randall.t.stanford.mil@mail.mil
Dr. Chris White, christopher.e.white56.mil@mail.mil
CSM (Ret) Bob Worthington

3-Year Trustees:
CSM Willie Adams, william.l.adams80.ctr@mail.mil
COL (Ret) Ron 'Curly' Albrecht, ronald.l.albrecht4.ctr@mail.mil
COL (Ret) Russ Bierl, bierlhome@msn.com
BG (Ret) Mark Zirkelbach, m.zirkelbach@mchsi.com

Planning Committee

COL (Ret) Ron 'Curly' Albrecht, ronald.l.albrecht4.ctr@mail.mil
1LT Brandon Christensen, brandon.j.christensen@gmail.com
MSG Daniel Ewer, JustCallMeSarge@gmail.com
SSG Tanner Johnson, tanner.d.johnson.civ@mail.mil

Association Dues Committee

Chair: Steve Osborn, stephen.e.osborn.mil@mail.mil
Asst Chair: Randy Brown
Jerry Jensen, ajjmjensen@gmail.com
Dr. Chris White, christopher.e.white56.mil@mail.mil
Mark Zirkelbach, m.zirkelbach@mchsi.com

Commemorative Items Committee

Chair: COL (Ret) Russ Bierl, bierlhome@msn.com
BG Ben Corell, benjamin.corell@us.army.mil
MSG Daniel Ewer, JustCallMeSarge@gmail.com
Al Maupin, Swede908@mediacombb.net

Awards Committee

Chair: CW5 (Ret) Don Poggensee, pogjack@gmail.com
Asst Chair: Ken Andresen, kenneth.r.andresen.nfg@mail.mil
Ronald Albrecht, ronald.l.albrecht4.ctr@mail.mil
BG (Ret) Michael Beaman, mwbeaman68@gmail.com

Membership Committee

Chair: Ronald Albrecht, ronald.l.albrecht4.ctr@mail.mil
Asst Chair: BG (Ret) Michael Beaman, mwbeaman68@gmail.com

34th Infantry Division Association
Iowa Gold Star Museum, Bldg A-9
7105 NW 70th Ave.
Johnston, IA 50131-1824

Facebook: www.facebook.com/34InfDivAssoc
YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/34idaOrg

This website managed by 34infdivassoc@gmail.com.


Commander's Own group photo

Commander's Own

The Commander's Own Chapter is collocated with the 34th Infantry Division headquarters in Rosemount Minnesota.

Council Bluffs group photo

Council Bluffs

The Council Bluffs-based chapter is about forty members strong.

Des Moines group photo

Des Moines

The Des Moines Chapter is headquartered at the Iowa Goldstar Museum at Camp Dodge Joint Maneuver Training Center.

First Minnesota

First Minnesota

The First Minnesota Chapter was formed by Soldiers of the Mankato-based 2-135 Infantry.

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