133rd Infantry Regiment • WWII Narrative History

The detailed narrative history of the 133rd Infantry Regiment, 34th Infantry Division, is now online in a rough ".txt" text form.
The history reports prior to September 23rd, 1943, when the Regiment landed at Salerno, are quite different in form and will be brought online after we have been able to present those portions covering the Italian campaign. It must also be kept in mind that the 2nd Battalion was attached to Allied Force Headquarters, first in England and then in North Africa, from 17 September 1942 until 16 March 1944. In their stead the 100th Infantry Battalion (Nisei) (Separate) served with the Regiment from 9 September 1943 to 23 May 1944.
The early (Sep 1943 - Aug 1944) and late (May 1945 - Oct 1945) segments are all brief - 1 to 6 pages in their original form. Those in between are *much* more lengthy, typically 20 pages or more.

North Africa, 1st Battalion, Part One
North Africa, 1st Battalion, Part Two
North Africa, 3rd Battalion
North Africa, Anti-Tank Company
September - October 1943
November 1943
December 1943
January 1944
February 1944
March 1944
April 1944
May 1944
June 1944
July 1944
August 1944
September 1944
October 1944
November 1944
December 1944
January 1945
February 1945
March 1945
April 1945
May 1945
June 1945 
July 1945
August 1945
September 1945
October 1945

The documents as presented here are - within the limits of my vision, alertness, and spell checker - a fair rendering of the original; but they are not a "true copy". Any annotations or significant corrections which I have made appear in 'square brackets'.
There are clearly noticeable differences in style from segment to segment. These are due principally to the assignment of different clerks, historians, and adjutants to this task. I'm even now working toward providing some commonality of format without twisting the content.
The original reports from which this collection has been made were obtained from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), College Park MD.
A separate chronology for the Regiment covering the 1941-1945 period is available at: 133rd Infantry • WWII History.
- Patrick Skelly


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