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162100B July 1945 *


1. The 34th Inf Div moves to area east of UDINE (C-4119), comes under operational control of British Eighth Army, relieves the 10th Mtn Div and elements of the 91st Inf Div of road blocks, ammunition dump guards, and motor patrols in zone.

2. 133rd Inf -- Assembles in bivouac area (See Overlay #1). Continues training.

3. 135th Inf -- Assembles in bivouac area (See Overlay #1). Continues training.

4. 168th Inf -- Relieves road posts, guards, and patrols of elements of 91st Inf Div in zone (See Overlay #2). Maintains liaison between frontier posts. Maintains contact with 91st Inf Div on Right and Jewish Brigade on Left. Prepares to take over Jewish Brigade sector. Continues training.

5. 34th Inf Div Arty -- Assembles in bivouac area (See Overlay #1). Continues training.

6. 109th Engr (C) Bn -- Assembles in bivouac area (See Overlay #1). Continues training.

7. Others -- Assembles in bivouac area (See Overlay #1). Continues training.

8. General Instructions -- See Annex "A".

Maj Gen
OFFICIAL: s/Chapman


Annex "A"
Overlay #1
Overlay #2

ANNEX "A" to Operational Instructions #83, dtd 16 July 1945.

1. Introduction. It is the policy of the Allied authorities to establish only such measures of military and civil control as are necessary to insure the security of the forces of occupation and the maintenance of public order. Therefore, all units performing an occupational role will comply with the following:

a. Ensure the security of Allied troops, installations and communications.
b. Assist AMG in the maintenance of public order by the provision of any relevant intelligence obtained in the course of normal security duties.

2. Movement Control.

a. There will be no restriction on the movement within VENEZIA-GIULIA (includes the 1939 Italian provinces of GORIZIA, TRIESTE, FIUME, and POLA) of persons, of either Italian or Slovac origin, normally resident in VENEZIA-GIULIA, either Allied or Yugoslav occupied, nor of the passage of such persons to and fro across across the Morgan Demarcation Line (See Overlay #2 to O.I. #83).
b. In order that residents of VENEZIA-GIULIA may be distinguished from Yugoslav citizens and from Italian citizens who are not residents of VENEZIA-GIULIA, AMG and the Yugoslav authorities will, in their respective areas, issue special identity documents to all residents of VENEZIA-GIULIA.
c. The following conditions will apply to the movement of civilians who are Yugoslav citizens or Italian citizens not residents of VENEZIA-GIULIA:
(1) Neither of these categories of persons will be permitted to enter or leave VENEZIA-GIULIA unless their entry or exit has been approved by the Allied authorities in respect of entry or exit in the West and by the Yugoslav authorities in respect of entry or exit in the East.
(2) Both categories will be permitted to move freely within the Allied occupied area, if their entry into this area [or] presence therein has been approved by the Allied authorities. The same principle shall apply to the Yugoslav area.
(3) Neither of these categories will be permitted to cross the Morgan Demarcation Line unless their movement across this line has been approved by both the Allied and Yugoslav authorities.
d. Persons wishing to enter or leave VENEZIA-GIULIA in the West will require an AMG passes. Such passes, which will be similar to those hitherto used in Italy, will be issued only by AMG, VENEZIA-GIULIA, or by HQ Allied Commission on the latter's behalf. Such local modification of the above system as may be necessary will be made to deal with the requirements of persons living in the immediate vicinity of the Western boundary of VENEZIA-GIULIA who have cause to cross the line daily for purpose of work, shopping, etc.
e. Passes for non-residents of VENEZIA-GIULIA to cross the Morgan Demarcation Line will be issued jointly by AMG and the Yugoslav Mission at HQ Eighth Army. Special passes are being printed for this purpose.
f. Russian officials or persons in uniform attempting to cross the Morgan Demarcation Line into the Division area will be politely but firmly refused admittance, unless in possession of the special permit issued by the Allied military authorities through the Yugoslav Military Mission.
g. There will be no passage of arms or military personnel across the Demarcation Line with the exception of:
(1) Yugoslav Military Mission when formed, and such Yugoslav personnel whose entry into the Allied occupied area whose passage is sanctioned by the Allied military authorities. Details of authorized passes for such personnel will be circulated later.
(2) Such Allied or Yugoslav military personnel whose entry into the Yugoslav occupied area is sanctioned by the Yugoslav military authorities.
h. All trains moving into the Division area from Yugoslavia and vice versa will be stopped and examined as near to the Morgan Line as stations permit. Arrangements will be made to ensure that no entrainment or detrainment takes place between the Morgan Line and the station in which this examination is made.

3. Road Posts.

a. The foregoing movement restrictions will be enforced by the establishment of check posts, supported by patrols, along the Morgan Demarcation Line. The control of the Demarcation Line will be carried out by Allied personnel only. The control posts will be empowered to take such measures as are necessary to enforce the restrictions outlined above, including identity checks, interrogation, and examination of vehicles and baggage. They must, however, carry out such duties with the maximum tact and discretion. In addition, they will be required to compile statistics concerning the number and types of individuals moving in and out of VENEZIA-GIULIA across the Demarcation Line.
b. Road posts will be numbered serially throughout the Division area. When a new post is established, it will be given the serial number of the nearest existing post, followed by a letter. e.g., 24A.

4. Arrest, Internment, and Extradition.

a. In general the power of arrest will be exercised with maximum caution. It will be essential to ensure that solid grounds for arrest exist before action is taken. Temporary detention pending investigation will be permissible.
b. All personnel carrying arms when not entitled to do so will be apprehended.
c. All persons committing security offenses will be arrested.
d. Persons not chargeable with security offenses but who are considered to constitute a potential danger to Allied security or public order on the grounds of their background, record, sentiments or personality will be dealt with as follows:
(1) Yugoslav nationals will be expelled from the area and handed over to the Yugoslav authorities;
(2) Italian nationals, whether of Italian or Slovene origin, will be evacuated to the Allied internment camp at TERNI;
(3) Other nationals will be treated in the same way as Italian nationals.
Maj Gen
OFFICIAL: s/Chapman

*: 162100B is read as day 16, time 2100 (9 p.m.), time zone B (GMT+2).
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Source: Bolte papers, US Army Military History Institute, Carlisle Barracks PA.
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