APO - 34

171400B September 1945 *


1. It is believed that considerable quantities of arms are in the illegal possession of civilians throughout the 34th Division area, both in Italy and in Allied occupied VENEZIA-GIULIA. The withdrawal of Allied forces at some future date to coincide with the handing over of the provinces of VENEZIA and TREVISO to the Italian government, and the grave economic position of ITALY demand that immediate action be taken to seize all illegally owned arms and to bring the owners to justice.

2. Units will be responsible that all possible sources of information are utilized and that all reports are followed up according to their worth. A comprehensive exchange of information on all levels between Military, AMG, and Police will be essential.

3. Within VENEZIA-GIULIA searches should be initiated by the VENEZIA-GIULIA Police Force. Military assistance when needed will be provided at the discretion of the Unit Commander.

4. In other areas, due to the shortage of Military Police personnel, all searches will be carried out by troops accompanied by Italian Carabinieri personnel.

5. In order that the local populations of the provinces of VENEZIA, TREVISO, and UDINE may realize the Allied nature of such a policy, units concerned will assure that British and/or American troops are present on all occasions when these operations are undertaken.

6. Except in special circumstances, and without authority from this Headquarters, there will be no indiscriminate searching of houses, or villages.

7. In all cases, care should be taken to restrict damage to property. The accuracy of the information should determine the nature and extent of the searches. Tactful dealing with all civilians encountered is equally important, in order that no unnecessary action be taken which might cause deterioration in relations.

8. Commanders will ensure that strict impartiality, in regard to various political parties, is observed in carrying out investigations and any subsequent action.

9. In addition to reports of any searches made, units will report by 30 September and monthly thereafter, any results that have been obtained under the following headings:

a. Map reference of dump.
b. Number of arms, and amount of ammo discovered.
c. Any other equipment.
Maj Gen
OFFICIAL: s/Chapman


*: 171400B is read as day 17, time 1400 (2 p.m.), time zone B (GMT+2).
Source: Bolte papers, US Army Military History Institute, Carlisle Barracks PA.

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