APO - 34

191400B September 1945 *


1. The object of these instructions is to form a security plan for different types of conditions which might exist and the measures which might be necessary to deal with them. (See Appendix "A")

2. For areas of responsibility, (See Overlay).

3. Vulnerable points other than military installations will not be guarded in normal, or precautionary phases, except those considered by units as vital in the maintenance of law and order.

Maj Gen
OFFICIAL: s/Warren C Chapman

APPENDIX "A" to O.I. #91, 19 Sept 1945.

[The Appendix has been reformatted for convenience in this online display.]

1. Phase: Normal. Codeword: GREEN

Condition: Population passive. No immediate threat to Allied security and no danger of armed riots.
General Measures: Minimum guards to be mounted compatible with the task at discretion of Unit Commanders.
Remarks: [none]

2. Phase: Precautionary. Codeword: YELLOW

Condition: Likelihood of minor disturbances necessitating intervention of Allied troops. This would include armed clashes between rival factions, but no threat of general uprising against Allied control or widespread disorders.
General Measures: Strengthening of guards and marshalling of reserves in area affected. Guards to be armed.
Remarks: Units will prepare to open wireless communication on full scale.

3. Phase: Emergency. Codeword: PURPLE

Condition: Possibility of armed action and uprising including sabotage against Allied control.
General Measures:
a. Mounting of any additional guards and movement of reserves as may be necessary.
b. Guards will be required on vulnerable points particularly on the Ls of C [Lines of Communication] in this phase.
c. Road movement will be restricted to essential traffic. Units will provide escorts for their own convoys. For convoys of other units for which the division is responsible, (See Annex #1).
Remarks: Full scale wireless communication.

4. Phase: Alarm. Codeword: RED

Condition: Situations in which Allied Forces are required to take full measures to counter and/or restore any situation which may have resulted from 3 above.
General Measures: The use of all available resources to restore the situation.
Remarks: [none]

ANNEX #1 to APPENDIX "A" to O.I. #91, 19 Sept 1945.

1. The 34th Division is responsible for providing escorts for convoys of other units traveling through the division area each way in between the following cities:

a. Gorizia - Udine. b. Udine - Tarvisio (via Cividale).

2. Harbor areas where vehicles can be parked and guarded, and turned over to escorts will be established by 34th Division Artillery in Gorizia and by the 168th Infantry in Tarvisio. This Headquarters will be notified immediately of the location of these areas. Harbor area in UDINE is located at C-395190.

3. Responsibility for escorting convoys of other units in the division area is as follows:

a. 168th Infantry - Tarvisio to Udine (via Cividale).
b. 135th Infantry - Udine to Tarvisio (via Cividale).
- Udine to Gorizia [(each way)].
c. 201st Sub Area - Udine to Tarvisio (via Pontebba) (each way).
d. 56th (LON) Div - Gorizia - Trieste (each way).

*: 191400B is read as day 19, time 1400 (2 p.m.), time zone B (GMT+2).
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Source: Bolte papers, US Army Military History Institute, Carlisle Barracks PA.

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